Roasting machine

AROMATECH is pleased to present AIDA roasting perfection, an absolute novelty in the field of professional roasters.

Our flagship product, destined to revolutionize the market dynamics, capable of producing a reliable estimate roasted coffee beans of the highest quality.

The result of years of study by our team of engineers and experts with extensive experience, AIDA is entirely designed, developed and produced in our company.

Aida has patents at national, European and American, is the ideal point of junction between innovation and tradition in the world of coffee.

Designed for the professional who aspires to offer a coffee of excellence, our roaster makes it possible to roast in a harmonious and homogeneous - without resorting to the use of flammable gases - 1 kg of coffee beans in about 18 minutes, thanks to a stream of hot air generated electrically, enhancing the aroma.

The extreme simplicity of operation, low power consumption and total confidence with which the whole process is automatic, Aida makes it a unique tool in the world of professional equipment, ideal for the bartender who wants to offer its customers the experience of being able to a perfect Italian espresso taste, fragrant and the ultimate expression of your taste.